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Professional Development

Managing Challenging Behaviours -
Positive Behaviour Support

Step by Step Interventions presents our main course sequence on Managing Challenging Behaviours (Positive Behaviour Support) for within the Mainstream, Support and Special Needs Settings.

Teachers will develop a strong foundational understanding of behaviours and their functions, along with practical resources and strategies on how to assess, evaluate, prevent and respond to challenging behaviours. 

This knowledge will allow for classroom teachers to develop inclusive and positive interactions with their students to promote the engagement of students within classroom activities.


This course will equip teachers with the following skills: 


  • How to operationally define behaviours

  • Establishing what learning skills need to be taught

  • The value of motivation within the classroom

  • How to complete a Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA) that can drive behaviour change

  • How to prevent challenging behaviours from occurring in the first place

  • Appropriate strategies on how to respond to challenging behaviours

  • Understanding what is considered Restricted and Prohibited Practices

  • How to create and write a Behaviour Support Plan that is effective and appropriate for the school environment


Each participant will receive resources that will allow them to use these skills in day to day practice within their classroom and whole school environment. Additionally, each participant will be entitled to receiving personalised feedback on content developed as a result of this course.


As Step by Step Interventions is committed to supporting teachers in their environments,Step by Step Interventions will also offer on-site consultations at an additional cost for participants who have completed the professional development course.

I thoroughly enjoyed it!

much needed training that should be compulsory for all teachers.

Ian - Head of Primary School

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