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Applied Behaviour Analysis

What is ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis)? Applied Behaviour Analysis, or ABA, is a scientific approach used to understand human behaviour and promote socially significant change. ABA involves considering the reasoning behind behaviour and focuses on teaching adaptive skills to meet individual needs and promote inclusion and understanding. It's widely recognised as an effective intervention for children and individuals with various developmental challenges, including autism spectrum disorders. In Simple Terms: ABA involves studying how behaviours work, identifying patterns, and applying strategies to increase desired behaviours and decrease unwanted ones. It's a goal-oriented approach that focuses on teaching new skills, improving communication, social interactions, and reducing challenging behaviours. ABA is often used in educational, clinical, and home settings to support individuals in reaching their full potential.

Who can deliver ABA services? ABA services are typically provided by professionals with specialised training and expertise in the field. Qualified professionals may include: - Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) - hold Masters degrees in behavioural intervention and are internationally recognised in their skills and ability deliver ABA services - Certified Behaviour Analysts (CBAs) - hold Masters degrees in the ABA field and are recognised within Australia to deliver quality and effective ABA services - Behavior Therapists - who have studied and obtained a paraprofessional qualification as a Registered Behaviour Technician and are able to implement therapy under the direction of a BCBA or CBA. At Step by Step Interventions, we're committed to delivering ABA services with a team of experienced BCBAs, CBAs and Behaviour Therapists. Our experts work collaboratively to tailor interventions to each individual's unique needs, promoting positive outcomes and growth.

How are ABA services delivered? At Step by Step Interventions, we provide ABA services through a personalised and comprehensive approach. Our team of qualified professionals work closely with each individual, their families and support networks. The process begins with a thorough assessment to understand the individual's strengths, needs, and goals. Based on this assessment, our team design tailored intervention plans that utilise evidence-based ABA techniques. These plans are regularly reviewed and adjusted to ensure ongoing progress. ABA services can be delivered in various settings, including our clinic, home, school, and community. Our team collaborates with families and caregivers to provide training and support, enabling them to reinforce positive behaviours and implement strategies in everyday situations. Through consistent communication, data tracking, and continuous evaluation, we ensure that our ABA services remain effective and responsive to each individual's evolving needs. Our goal is to empower individuals to reach their full potential and lead fulfilling lives.

I haven't heard great things about ABA - are these true? Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy is designed to be a positive and supportive approach to help children and adolescents develop essential skills and behaviours. ABA focuses on using positive reinforcement and evidence-based techniques to teach new skills and address challenging behaviors. It aims to create a comfortable and engaging learning experience for individuals. It's important to note that there has been discussion around certain historical approaches to ABA that were more rigid and aversive, which could potentially cause distress. However, modern ABA emphasises collaboration, individualisation, and consent. At Step by Step Interventions, our approach to ABA is rooted in respect for the individual's needs, preferences, and comfort. We prioritise open communication with both clients and their families to ensure a positive experience. If you have concerns or questions about ABA therapy and its potential impact on your child, our team is here to provide information and address any worries you may have. We believe in transparency and partnership to ensure the best outcomes for your child's development.

Recommended hours for ABA services The recommended number of hours for ABA services can vary based on individual needs and goals. Research indicates that early and intensive intervention tends to yield the best results for children and adolescents with developmental challenges. At Step by Step Interventions, we work closely with families to determine the appropriate intensity of intervention. While there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer, a general guideline is often around 10 to 25 hours per week for early learners. However, this can vary based on factors like age, severity of challenges, and goals. It's important to remember that quality of intervention matters just as much as quantity. Our team of skilled professionals design personalised intervention plans that align with the unique needs of each child or adolescent. We focus on delivering meaningful and effective sessions that maximise progress. Regular assessments and ongoing communication with our team ensure that the intervention plan remains flexible and tailored to your child's progress. The goal is to create a balanced approach that provides enough hours to foster growth while also allowing for meaningful family interactions and other activities. Our team is dedicated to guiding you through this journey and finding the right balance of hours for your child's specific situation. Please reach out to us for a comprehensive assessment and to discuss the recommended number of hours based on your child's developmental needs and goals.

Behaviour Therapists/Allied Health Assistants

What is a Behaviour Therapist? A Behaviour Therapist (aka Allied Health Assistant) is a skilled professional who works under the guidance of our Consultants to support the delivery of therapeutic interventions and services. They play a crucial role in helping individuals achieve their developmental goals. Behaviour Therapists are a cost-effective option for families seeking quality interventions. They work closely with qualified practitioners, like Behaviour Analysts (BCBAs/CBAs), speech therapists, and occupational therapists, to implement treatment plans and strategies. This collaboration optimises the use of intervention time and ensures that every session is focused and purposeful.

Do we need one? By working under the supervision of qualified practitioners, Behaviour Therapists extend the reach of therapeutic services. They can work with your child on specific tasks, exercises, and activities, freeing up the qualified practitioner to focus on assessments, strategy development, and overall treatment planning. Utilising Behaviour Therapists can be particularly beneficial in group settings. Their support enhances the overall learning experience, ensuring that each participant receives personalised attention and practice during group sessions. At Step by Step Interventions, we value the role of Behaviour Therapists in achieving efficient and effective outcomes for children and adolescents. Through their collaborative approach, families can access quality interventions while optimising their resources.

How does it work? After starting services with your Consultant and completing the assessment, your Consultant may recommend the use of a Behaviour Therapist to supplement services. Your Consultant will then set goals, create session plans, complete initial overlaps with the Behaviour Therapist and client to demonstrate how the program should be actioned and then the Behaviour Therapist will carry out therapy in the desired environment. You’ll have a collaborative relationship with both your Behaviour Therapist and Consultant around the therapy plan, with regular Squad Meetings to check in on how therapy is progressing. After each Squad Meeting, your Consultant will update the therapy program to reflect any goal changes and teaching strategies.

Accessing Services

Do I need a referral? No, you do not need a referral to access services with us.

Does the NDIS cover this service? Yes, the NDIS does cover the cost of interventions with Step by Step Interventions. We are NDIS Registered for both Improved Daily Living and Improved Relationships. This means that we are able to work with self-managed, plan-managed and NDIA-managed participants.

Do you charge a travel fee? Whenever providing services outside of the clinic, a travel fee is charged based on the time taken to get to the therapy location (calculated based on the hourly rate of the clinician), as well as the KMs travelled to get to the location.

How do you accept payments? We offer a variety of methods for payment, depending on what suits your family. After your initial intake appointment, our Customer Service Team will get in contact to go over who to send the invoice to, the preferred access method (e.g., invoice sent via text or email), and payment method (e.g., credit card, bank transfer). Payment is required within 7 days of the service being delivered.

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