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Skill Development and Behaviour Support

Behaviour Analysis is the scientific study of behaviour, investigating the principles of learning and motivation. Applied Behaviour Analysis, or ABA, is the application of this science using procedures and technologies in order to make significant social change. While Behaviour Analysis is well known for its association with ASD, Behaviour Analysis has been used for a wide range of areas and behavioural problems, including behaviour management, education, health and exercise, language acquisition, parenting, psychotherapy, severe mental disorders, phobias and pediatric feeding disorders.


What does this look like?

Step by Step Interventions provides skill development and behaviour support within the home, clinic and community settings, and consultative services in public and private school settings. We work collaboratively with families, school staff, and other professionals, to develop learning plans that help each child achieve meaningful objectives across all environments.

In order to get started, we begin with a 90-minute intake assessment in which we ask about the problems and concerns that bring you to our service. We learn about your child and their developmental, medical, social, and educational history. Utilising a key worker model, our Senior Behaviour Consultants develop programs specifically designed for each client, based on the principles of Behaviour Analysis. Senior Behaviour Consultants work with clients to develop functionality across all environments through regular sessions (e.g., weekly, fortnightly, or monthly) with key stakeholders involved.

In order to design appropriate goals for each client, our Senior Behaviour Consultants conduct regular assessments to track progress and ensure that our clients are receiving our best supports. We use a range of assessments in order to achieve this, including (but not limited to):

  • Essentials for Living (EFL)

  • Verbal Behaviour Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB MAPP)

  • Promoting the Emergence of Advanced Knowledge (PEAK)

+ Behaviour Squad

As part of this program, we can also bring Junior Therapists onto the team to help support our clients even further. This allows for more practice opportunities, capacity building and generalisation. 


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